GTA San Andreas 100% save game

Today Gaming guruji blogger is telling you how to gta san andreas 100% save game in android so get the link at the end of post and follow the instruction.

If you don’t have GTA san andreas game on your android then you can get the file link from Gaming Guruji Blogger Blog by visiting GTA San andreas Link.

GTA San Andreas 100% Save Game

GTA san andreas 100% save game by gaming Guruji Blog : Everything is completed and everything is unlocked :
-max health and armor
-infinite ammo
-all gang teritory taken over
-all houses bought
-all shools are gold
-all 6 girfrends
-all special uniform clothes unlocked
-all clothes bought
-all guns hitman level -all skills 100%
-all submission complete
-all collectables collected

Uniqe vehicles Legend:
AP = ALL Proof no damage everywhere (BP/FP/EP/DP/MP)
BP = Bullet Proof
FP = Fire Proof
EP = Explosion Proof
DP = Damage Proof
MP = Melee Proof
UC = Uniqe Color
R = Rare List:

1. Johnson House BP/FP – SWAT TANK AP/UC – White Feltzer AP – PCJ600 AP – Forklift

2. El Corona Safehouse AP – Infernus UC – dark scarlet Voodoo UC – green Mesa UC – black Perenninal

3. Santa Maria Beach Safehouse AP/UC – white Vortex UC – white Newsvan UC – BF injection

4. Mulholland Safehouse AP – Seasparrow (saved on the roof) AP – Tampa (saved on garage roof) AP – Sultan

5. Palomino Creek Safehouse EP/FP – Camper “Mothership” with Hippie paintjob BP/FP/EP/MP – fortune AP – HPV1000 AP – Sabre

6. Dillimore Safehouse FP/UC – Majestic AP – Admiral

7. Rockshore West Safehouse BP/FP/EP – Savanna AP – Glendale

8. Redsands West Safehouse EP/FP – Banshee

9. Whitewood Estates Safehouse UC – Pony offroad wheels R – Tornado

10. Prickle Pine Safehouse BP/MP – white walton AP – Sentinel UC – pink Windsor

11. Verdant Meadows airport AP – Camper “Mothership” with Hippie paintjob AP/UC – black Maverick AP – Firetruck UC – light green Packer EP – Mule

12. Fort Carson Safehouse AP/UC – Buffalo UC – black Bobcat

13. Doherty Garage UC – yellow Burrito BP – Tanker UC – coffe Washington UC – jizzy’s pimpmobile

14. Hashbury Safehouse UC – black Stretch UC – black/white Stretch UC – black Huntley R – News Chopper

15. Calton Heights Safehouse R – Berkley’s RC Van

16. Paradiso Safehouse UC – black ZR350 with offroad wheels UC – khaki brown Camper UC – maroon red Manana UC – green Pizzaboy

17. LSPD Impound Garage UC – black Elegant – dark scarlet Tampa – red Taxi Cabbie

18. LVPD Impound Garage – Barracks – Hustler – cheetah

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How to put 100% save game in GTA san andreas in android

There are two file links , one is extracted and other one is .zip file so you will have to extract .zip file and put the file in below mentioned folder.

If you have downloaded extracted file than put the file directly in folder without doing anything.

If you have downloaded extracted file than put the file directly in folder without doing anything.

Zip file : Extract downloaded file to (internal storage)sdcard/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/”here”

Non Zip file : Copy the file to (internal storage)sdcard/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/ ” paste here” .

Link for Non Zip File

Link for Zip file

Below is another non zip file for 100% save game in android, it Completed Save on iOS, but it will also work on any Android Device, as well. However, my Version of SA is Version 1.6. The Save will only work if you have 1.6 or higher and NOT 1.5 or below.

Link for Non Zip file 2

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